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Olive Tree London  

Packaging,  London


Olive Tree London prides itself on bringing delicious Greek artisanal products to an international audience. They source each one individually, meeting the producers, tasting the product and then repackaging it.  We were asked to create the packaging for Olive oil, Honey, Jams and Nuts. 

The highest quality Greek ingredients combined with the love of mediterranean cooking inspires Olive Tree London to import a wide range of artisanal products 

My Father's Olive Oil

The highest quality cold pressed Greek olive oil, produced in limited quantities every year. 

olive Tree London Packaging and illustrations
olive Tree London Packaging and illustrations

Raw Honey

A range of illustrations were created to highlight the 5 distinctive honey flavours 

Olives & Nuts Packaging

Beautiful Gold Foil embossed packaging for the highest quality Pistachios, almonds and Olives 

olive Tree London Packaging and illustrations.jpg
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