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the bonbonist.  

Brand creation,  Hong Kong 

identity creation, packaging & digital consulting 

The Bonbonist is a modern sweetshop based in Hong Kong, offering sweets and chocolates in a playfully chic environment. The clear perspex boxes glorify the product, whilst the geometric shapes, derived from the brand marque add a childish feel. They sell sweets after all! 

A clear example here of how a brand is far more than a logo. Taking the marque as the basis of the identity, geometric shapes become key to the visual identity, appearing across all the packaging, labels, Instagram, retail spaces... 

thebonbonist_brand identity
the bonbonist brand guidelines
the bonbonist brand guidelines
the bonbonist brand guidelines

Meet the Bonbons:

Emojis created to add personality to the brand. These whimsical characters, each with their own personality appear across all marketing materials & packaging. Instagram friendly and playful...

Tone of Voice 
An important part of a brand; it should represent the brands values; unleashing the inner child. Therefore playful names were created to add that extra touch. 

the bonbonist brand guidelines

The combination of white, gold and emojis emphasise the brand's essence of Playfully Chic. Gifting is an important part of the brand's offer, therefore the way in which clients received their selection of sweets & chocolates had to be playful yet remain chic. 

the bonbonist packaging
the bonbonist brand guidelines
the bonbonist packaging

Gift box sleeves 

the bonbonist packaging

Digital: The digital world is the ideal place to bring the emojis to life. Creating inviting animations, and campaigns to entice the consumer to come and visit The Bonbonist. 

Website: We art directed a photoshoot to elevate the image of the brand to an affordable lifestyle luxury brand, adding chic yet playful touches

Retail: The first pop up was launched in the prestigious mall Pacific Place, the Harbour City and Festival Walk. 

Architects: Avoid Obvious

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