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We love to draw, so we are happy to jump on any occasion to create bespoke pieces for our clients; wether a wedding invitation or a piece of packaging... 

        Lumeun Home.       

We absolutely loved creating a series of illustrations for Lumeun Home, who unearth beautiful treasures from around Asia and restore them to work in modern interiors. They have style and great taste!  

Lumeun Home illustration

A series of watercolour illustration work for a brand of delicious Greek Olive oil. 

Edited Image 2013-2-4-9:49:4

Watercolours created for a beautiful Indian wedding, where the Peacock was the emblem

Key cutte illustration

Iconic Hong Kong scenes hand drawn to appear across stationery and Aoyama's handmade notebooks

bluedoor 1 copy.png

A peaceful haven in the middle of hectic Hong Kong, promoting slow beauty. 

Brand creation and print materials


Hand drawn illustrations for Totes given
out in Greece to promote stopping the use of Plastic bags

restaurant graphics

A series of illustrations for a
restaurant in London

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